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How to apply to Settle on Pitcairn

The procedure to apply for settlement on Pitcairn is very straight forward and our Immigration officials do all they can to ensure each application is dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Read this website carefully
  • Check out our Immigration FaceBook Page if you have more questions.
  • Contact the Pitcairn Islands Travel Coordinator to ensure there are berths available at the time you’re intending to travel and make provisional travel bookings.
  • Download the Settlement Application form and complete it.
  • Send a scanned copy of the completed form and a scanned copy of the passport photo pages of all applicants to:
  • Pitcairn Islands Admin will acknowledge your application and keep you informed of progress.
  • Should an active application prove to be non-credible at this juncture it will be deleted.
  • PIO Admin is responsible for liaising with you as the Applicant and will issue an invoice for NZ$500.00 being the non-refundable Settlement Application fee. PLEASE NOTE: Active Settlement Applications will not progress beyond this point until the application fee has been paid.
  • On receipt of payment PIO Admin will notify the Deputy Governor, the Chief Immigration Officer, the Immigration Officer and the Island Secretary that a Settlement Application has been received.
  • The Deputy Governor will at this point undertake a preliminary review of the application to ensure its validity before progressing to the next step.
  • Depending on the result of the preliminary review the Deputy Governor will either:
                (i) Recommend an issue with a short covering note to Council.
                (ii) Recommend refusal with a summary of reasons.
  • When the Deputy Governor recommends issue, with a covering note, PIO Admin will send a PDF of the completed Application form to the aforementioned parties requesting that it be tabled at the next Council meeting for further recommendation.
  • At the next Council meeting the Island Secretary will minute receipt of the Application and Council will move to make recommendations to the Deputy Governor to progress the application procedure.
  • PIO Admin will notify the Deputy Governor of Council’s recommendation.
  • The Deputy Governor will contact the Applicant and arrange a time to meet with them, either in person or via phone or skype to discuss their Settlement Application.
  • Following that meeting and any further enquiry the Deputy Governor may have he/she will make a recommendation to the Governor as to whether or not the Application for Pitcairn Settlement should be formally accepted.
  • The Deputy Governor will notify the Chief Immigration Officer, the Immigration Officer, the Island Secretary and PIO Admin of the Governors decision.
  • The Deputy Governor or Governor will notify the Applicant of the decision – copying the Administrator, The Chief Immigration Officer, Immigration Officer, Island Secretary and PIO Admin.
NOTE: Before a Settlement Application can be submitted on behalf of a child the Applicant must contact the Deputy Governor in the first instance. The Deputy Governor is responsible for liaising with the Applicant on behalf of the child.