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How to apply to Settle on Pitcairn

Read this website carefully, including the FAQs, where you will find answers to a wide range of questions.

Download and complete the Settlement Application form.

Send a scanned copy of the completed form and a scanned copy of the passport photo pages of all applicants to the Immigration Officer on Pitcairn Island: immigration@pitcairn.gov.pn and the Pitcairn Island Office: admin@pitcairn.gov.pn

Pitcairn Island Office Admin will acknowledge your application and carry out initial checks. If your application appears to be non-credible at this point it will be deleted.

Once you have submitted your application, Pitcairn Island Office (PIO) will contact you. PIO will inform you how to pay the fee, ask for any further documentation needed, and ask you to complete any sections of the form you have missed. You must pay the fee before your application can be considered.

Your application will then be considered by the island Immigration Officer and Pitcairn Island Council. The Council will make a recommendation to the Governor’s Office. Following these deliberations you will be advised one of the following:
  • Your application has progressed to the next step.
  • Your application has been deferred – you will be told the reason and any requirements you need to meet in order to progress.
  • Your application has been refused – you will be told the reason.

If your application proceeds to the next step you may be asked for further information, including evidence of funding and (if applicable) your sponsor’s income. You should send this to Pitcairn Island Office at admin@pitcairn.gov.pn You will be invited for an interview with the Deputy Governor, based in Auckland. This can take place in person, by Skype or by phone.

Following your interview, the Governor will make the final decision on your application. You will be informed in writing of the outcome of your application. This will be either:
  • Your application is successful.
  • Your application has been deferred. You will be told of any requirements you need to meet.
  • Your application has been refused. You will be told the reason. The Governor’s decision is final.

If your application is successful you will receive a letter from the Governor formally offering you entry clearance for settlement on Pitcairn. Under Pitcairn’s Immigration Control Ordinance you must arrive on Pitcairn within 12 months of the date of this letter. If this is likely to cause difficulties you should raise it at the earliest opportunity with the Immigration Officer on Pitcairn: immigration@pitcairn.gov.pn

NOTE: Pitcairn Island welcomes applicants who wish to move to Pitcairn Island with dependent children under the age of 18. Please contact the Deputy Governor for further information.

As your application progresses, you should contact the Pitcairn Islands Travel Coordinator to ensure there are berths available at the time you’re intending to travel and make provisional travel bookings.

Updated: March 2018